Morgan & Clyde

  • Age: 10
  • Birthplace: Montana, USA
  • Likes: Baseball, Trading Cards, Family
  • Dislikes: Homework

Remmy’s little sister Morgan was always the adventurous sort; the kind to wear cardboard armor and explore the wild frontier of the neighborhood cul-de-sac. But one day, while exploring the old abandoned manor at the end of the street, Morgan met Clyde, a strange but friendly little ghost that loves playing baseball. Now they’re best friends! With their powers combined, there’s nothing that can stand in their way of the Sportsbowl championship and a large enough cash prize to buy all the trading cards a child could dream of.

Special: Best Friends Forever

Two heads are always better than one! Using her special, Morgan can command Clyde around the field. With a clear shot, Morgan can toss the ball over to Clyde, allowing her to teleport to distant parts of the map with a blink of the eye.

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