Hey Everyone! We at Kickin' Rad Games have been hard at work on B.O.O.M. still. After meeting incredible people as well as older fans at Magfest this year, as well as preparing for more showcases (more on that coming soon), we have launched our Patreon!

Supporting us on Patreon helps with the expenses that come with creating B.O.O.M. as well as help fund for new features and ideas for B.O.O.M. - You Win. Of course, supporting us comes with many benefits, including access to our developer Discord, beta and alpha versions of the game plus the full game when it releases on Steam, and the opportunity to ask for a hat of your choice or even request the artists of Kickin’ Rad Games to draw you a B.O.O.M. related art piece. If you haven’t seen them at work, you should check out this amazing piece by Kieran Brophy.

Along with launching our Patreon, we now have a FREE public demo of B.O.O.M. - You Win. The demo consists of 4 playable characters, including our last announced one, Morgan & Clyde, along with several stages, multiple modes, and tons of customization for these characters. The demo only contains local multiplayer, so gather 3 of your friends or play against the computers. We hope that you enjoy this small portion of what B.O.O.M. has to offer and continue to follow us along the road to release.

You can help support us at: https://www.patreon.com/KickinRadGames And download our free demo at: https://kickin-rad-games.itch.io/boomyouwindemo

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