Our current project, B.O.O.M. You Win, is a competitive sports-party game for up to 4 players, where in players score points for managing control over a live explosive, all the while avoiding being blown up themselves. It features a wide cast of diverse characters and playstyles ranging from eccentric skeletons and spooky ghosts, to deathproof stunt drivers and time-travelling androids. Sporting a vast array of customization items and multiple game modes, B.O.O.M. You Win is a great time with friends. Or, perhaps, your enemies, if you’re feeling particularly handy with a bomb.

Take on a variety of single player challenges to unlock new characters and earn BOOM POINTS to purchase new cosmetic items for multiplayer.

Arcade Mode

Take on seven back to back opponents as you work your way up the ladder to defeat Blitzkrieg and take home the Sportsbowl Gold. Featuring character dialogue, high-score tables, and even a match-up against your own character rival who gets stronger the better you perform, Arcade Mode is sure to appease players looking for more insight into the world of B.O.O.M.

Mission Mode

Put your skills to the test with a series of unique challenges, each with their own unique special conditions and match modifiers. Defeat matches on higher difficulties to earn stars and progress even further through increasingly challenging battles. Earn exclusive rewards including cosmetics and even perhaps a hidden character or two.

Play against your friends or AI opponents in a variety of gameplay modes.


The original game of explosive hot potato. Players earn points the longer they hold onto the bomb, but lose points anytime they are caught in an explosion. Alternate between offense and defense to maximize your point gain and claim the throne from your opponents.


Earn points only by bombing other players. Be wary of broken bombs, bombs with hidden fuses. You never know when they might blow up in your face, so be sure to pass them off as soon as you can.


Compete to be the last man standing by bombing your opponents until they run out of lives. Just be careful not to blow up too many times yourself. Once you’re out of lives, it's game over!