Demo Derby

  • Location Mexico

An illicit demolition derby set out in the arid desert, where only the most brutal racers can take home the prize. Featuring a big screen monitor to keep track of all the action and sporting two levels of platforms, competitors will have to keep a wary eye out for the rush of passing cars, lest they wish to get splat across somebody’s windshield.

The Graveyard

  • Location Scotland

While it may not be respectful to play sports in the resting place of the deceased, the Graveyard is a crowd favorite in sportsbowl, featuring a level playing field walled off by dead trees and a rusty metal gate. In the center stage, a crumbling monument watches over the graveyard, keeping vigil over the dead and departed; but if you’re daring and cunning enough, you can use it to get the drop on your opponents.

Haunted House

  • Location USA

While no one has lived in this house for a long time, you can’t help but shake the feeling that several people have died here. Featuring the spooky gaze of ghastly portraits and dim lit chandeliers, players will have to keep a mindful eye on the portals located on each side of the stage, allowing both opponents and bombs to slip through when someone’s back is turned.

The Silo

  • Location Unknown

A secret military based, funded and operated by Blitzkrieg’s private army, the Valkyries; the Silo is a truly an explosive setting for the world’s most explosive sport. Starting inside the enemy base, the stage dynamically shifts layouts as missiles are continuously launched into the air. Players will have to always be on their toes, lest they get caught on a missile ready to explode.

The Subway

  • Location USA

Set in the underground subways of Montana, the subway is a proving ground to travelers and miscreants alike. Sporting a simple platform layout and the backdrop of trains rushing by in the background, the Subway is an accessible stage for B.O.O.M. players of all proficiencies.

The Temple

  • Location Japan

Although hailed as a place of serenity and peaceful meditation, the temple grounds also prove to be a good spot to play sportsbowl. Featuring a double decker layout, this stage is decorated with several waterfalls and the rush of cherry blossoms floating on a spring breeze.

The Chase

  • Location USA

Cops cruisers race along the highway in hot pursuit of criminals; and you get to be a spectator to it all. Set in the middle of a car chase, the layout of the stage constantly changes as cars speed up and slowdown in their respective lanes. You can even blow up someone’s car if you’re not careful… or if you’re especially devious. Just be careful not to fall off! You’re in for a wild ride.